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KVN Design eNews #10 - 02.24.06
Issue #10. Sounds like some sort of a milestone, “Issue #10”. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a Coca-Cola with lunch today. Plus, it’s Friday!

The workflow at KVN Design has been head-down and full speed ahead for these last four weeks. Here is what has been making the recent project reports...

Lexington Hearing & Speech Center: Now filled with the time-spanning, story-telling photography of Bill Straus the LHSC website has added a new section for Newsletters. Currently available in PDF the newsletters will eventually be in HTML as well. To learn more about LHSC and to see their new virtual home, with photos, visit them online!

Cumberland Millwork & Supply: Recent updates to the site include an expanded Contacts page and the addition of the About Us page. Approval of the comprehensive product catalog section has been secured. Look for it to be posted soon. To learn more about Cumberland Millwork please visit their new website.

Ironhorse Forge: Updates have now been completed and total 36 new images in the Portfolio section. A link to an in-depth video, from KET’s Mixed Media, on Ironhorse Forge can be found in the left-side navigation. To see their amazing work visit Ironhorseforge online.

AVID (Audio/Video Interior Design): The all-new website for AVID is nearing the final turn. An impressive portfolio showcasing Homes, Rooms, and Theaters/Multimedia Systems, is set to debut with the new website. AVID works in conjunction with your builder, architect, and interior designer to integrate the audio/video system you want into your home or office. AVID’s temporary home page can be found at their new domain name avidky.com.

Other notes:

I attended my first Board meeting as a member of the Board of Directors for the Lexington Hearing & Speech Center in February. There are great challenges ahead and a binder full of information to become familiar with. The Center, with help from the Board, has accomplished numerous major feats in recent years. I hope to be able to contribute and help the Center continue fulfilling it’s mission.

KVN Design has added another office pet to the staff. Joining the 15-year-old Keebler is the nine-week-old Buster. Both have come from the Lexington Humane Society.

Something Useless for the Gray Matter
    - February 29th is Superman’s birthday.
    - Mosquitoes gravitate towards the color blue. That could be a problem for UK fans.
    - Born as Cornelius Crane Chase, he is commonly known as Chevy Chase.

He said it:
Ed @ Auto Gallery
I just want to say that it was a pleasure working with Kevin and KVN Design. In a very short time, they were able to create an original site that not only captures our company’s personality but ROCKS in appearance and content as well. I could not be more pleased with the whole package.
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