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KVN Design eNews #11 - 03.20.06
Hello Spring and March Madness! Coincidentally, I’m winning and loosing the KVN office pool. I’m also looking forward to next basketball season.

Activity-wise, KVN has been another productive place this past month. The new website for AVID has launched, updates for several other sites have taken place, as has contact with several interesting potential new clients.

AVID (Audio/Video Interior Design): The all-new website for AVID was launched on the 10th of March. AVID’s portfolio is especially impressive, as are the features and benefits this kind of equipment can provide. Check it out.

Cumberland Millwork & Supply: Much behind-the-scenes work has been going on for their new website. Look for it to be posted in the near future. Visit Cumberland Millwork online to learn more about and their quality interior stock and custom wood trim collections.

Doodles Delights: A new product line is being added, Clothesline Candy, and will be available soon. Updates to the check-out process continue.

Pediatric & Adolescent Associates (PAA): Updates to PAA’s website include their latest newsletter, which is loaded with great health and safety tips. Especially timely are the sections on Spring Break traveling and managing Spring-time allergies. To get the full dose of this, and every, PAA newsletter visit paalex.com/newsletters/.

Auto Gallery: Minor tweaks and adjustments have been taking place for this independent VW and Audi service garage. Stop by vwaudiservice.com to learn more and set up an appointment.

Other notes:

February marked my second Board Meeting as a member of the Board for the Lexington Hearing & Speech Center. Introduced to the Board was the new Community Development Director, Lori Shepherd. She comes to LHSC from the United Way. She will be a great asset for LHSC.

To be a better LHSC Board member I am reading a great book titled Branding for Nonprofits by DK Holland. Organizations with little funds for marketing can have a hard time getting their important messages out to the communities they serve. This book is designed to help nonprofits overcome such obstacles.

The LHSC is in need of occasional, but certified, IT support. If you or someone you know would be willing to help out with this they would be greatly appreciative. Please let KVN know if you know of someone interested.

Attention runners! KVN Design is again co-sponsoring the Lansdowne Elementary PTA 5K Derby Dash to be held on April 22 at Jacobson Park. Proceeds will support the Lansdowne Elementary PTA Computer Fund. The fund helps pay for new computers for the school’s computer lab. For more 5K Derby Dash details click here.

For the second soccer season in a row I will be co-coaching my son’s YMCA soccer team, The Rage. Don’t we sound tough? Having played competitive soccer as a kid I really enjoy watching my own son play the sport. It’s great exercise for us both. Being a bit of a photographer and web guy I created a mini web site for the team last fall.

Something Useless for the Gray Matter
    - The first U.S. President born in a hospital was Jimmy Carter.
    - It used to be illegal to say “Oh boy” in public in Georgia.
    - A goldfish can remember something for all of three seconds.

He said it:
Ed @ Auto Gallery
I just want to say that it was a pleasure working with Kevin and KVN Design. In a very short time, they were able to create an original site that not only captures our company’s personality but ROCKS in appearance and content as well. I could not be more pleased with the whole package.
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