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KVN Design eNews #12 - 04.21.06
Basketball season is over. Spring Break has come and gone. Easter has passed. Dandelions are in full bloom and the Kentucky Derby is merely two weeks away. Where has this year gone? More importantly, where is it headed?

At KVN Design, the first quarter of the year was pretty good. The goal for quarter number two: be even better. Following is a list of client website happenings in the last month.

Fine Art of Nashville: More photos of original artwork have been scanned and mock-up website designs are well under way for the portfolio site of Brown County artists Norene Mara and Jacqueline Phillips. The domain name for their website is: fineartofnashville.com.

Lexington Hearing & Speech Center: Much of the website text is getting updated and refreshed in the upcoming weeks. Also, we are tapping into the Center’s photo archives for more great photos of the “magic” surrounding the Center’s great work helping young children with hearing and speech impairments. To learn more about LHSC visit: lhscky.org.

Doodles Delights: A new product line has been added, Clothesline Candy. For an even more secure online shopping experience credit card orders now require the verification number from the back of the credit card. Doodles Delights currently has over 30 items for babies, over 40 items for the new mom, and 15 comforting items for the mom-to-be. Check it out, literally.

Auto Gallery: The independent VW and Audi service garage is preparing to launch an online service price guide. Stop by vwaudiservice.com to learn more.

Pediatric & Adolescent Associates (PAA): Made several updates to downloadable patient forms. Be sure to read about managing Spring-time allergies in their Spring newsletter. To get a full dose of pediatric good health visit paalex.com.

Cumberland Millwork & Supply: Behind-the-scenes work continues for their new website. Due to web server variances a new navigation system has been developed. Visit Cumberland Millwork online to learn more about their quality interior stock and custom wood trim collections.

Other notes:

Last Chance! Attention runners, KVN Design is again co-sponsoring the Lansdowne Elementary PTA 5K Derby Dash to be held on April 22 at Jacobson Park. Proceeds will support the Lansdowne Elementary PTA Computer Fund. The fund helps pay for new computers for the school’s computer lab. For more 5K Derby Dash details click here.

I received an interesting phone call towards the end of March from someone I didn’t know, Danielle Campbell. She asked if I would mind being interviewed for an article she was writing. And the topic wasn’t about cars, photography or website design. It was about hearing aid marketing. Specifically, should hearing aids be marketed to consumers or to the heading aid professionals? And why? And, how would you go about doing it? I thoroughly enjoyed the interview and the thought that someone viewed my opinion (on something other than cars, photography or website design) enough to interview me.

Speaking of hearing, I joined Glenna Tackett, Executive Director, and Lori Shepherd, Community Development Director, of the Lexington Hearing & Speech Center on a funding presentation to the Woodford County United Way. Although my role was very minor it was quite educational to see firsthand part of the process LHSC goes through to get funding for their enriching programs and services.

KVN Design would like to wish long-time LHSC Board Member, Missy Scanlon, a speedy recovery.

It’s funny how something like a visit to a zoo can make an adult feel like a kid. For Spring Break the KVN family visited the Newport Aquarium and the Cincinnati Zoo. Maybe it was the cool, wet weather, or the kid’s enthusiasm for the exotic animals, but we had a blast dodging raindrops while watching two Siberian Tigers have a friendly, but heated, debate (the tigress easily won this round). And my son swears one of the female gorillas was pointing to him when she got all excited and started running around making gorilla noises. The aquarium provided just as much entertainment as we got to see the only known shark-ray in the Western Hemisphere, Sweet Pea.

Something Useless for the Gray Matter
    - A “jiffy” is equal to 1/100th of a second.
    - Daylight Savings Time was invented by noted American Benjamin Franklin.
    - Most notable loser of a Dolly Parton look-alike contest: Dolly Parton.

He said it:
Ed @ Auto Gallery
I just want to say that it was a pleasure working with Kevin and KVN Design. In a very short time, they were able to create an original site that not only captures our company’s personality but ROCKS in appearance and content as well. I could not be more pleased with the whole package.
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