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KVN Design eNews #1 - 05.13.05
Here it is folks, KVN Design’s first eNews. It is coming a bit later than originally planned due to the fact some things were in the hopper and I wanted to see how they turned out before speculating on the possible outcomes. I’m still waiting. Who was it that said “waiting is the hardest part”? Tom Petty? He wasn’t kidding.

Regardless, let me report to you the big news I do have to share.

March 14 - I met with the Director of the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center, Carol Hustedde, and one of it’s Board Members, Bill Straus. We discussed the website needs and wants of the Center, whose mission is “to provide quality diagnostic, therapeutic, and educational services for hearing, speech, and language impaired individuals and their families.” We also discussed how I can help them meet their goals for their new website. Much background work is currently taking place in preparation for the start of my work.

I am very excited to be able to help the Center as it means I will indirectly be helping children, some of whom are very young, have a fulfilling future with sound. To learn more about the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center visit their current website: lhscky.org

ISBO - I have joined the Independent/Small Business Owner’s organization and have attended three of their monthly meetings to date. Speakers are scheduled for each meeting and networking is highly encouraged. I can personally vouch for the networking potential of ISBO as it was at my first meeting with them that I learned of the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center’s need for a Web Designer to create a new website for them. To learn more about ISBO visit their website: isbo.biz

Lexington Advertising Club - I attended the March meeting which focused on the perilous topic of copyright law. The guest speakers were from Frost, Brown, Todd LLC, a local law firm with a First Amendment, Media and Advertising Law group. The meeting was very informative and shed light on several very interesting copyright infringement cases as well as reviewing a list of copyright Do’s and Don’ts. The saying “It’s easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission” is not recommended when it comes to infringing on someone’s copyright.

Ironhorse Forge - My long-standing client, since autumn 2001, earlier this year purchased a piece of property at the corner of Third Street and Newtown Pike. The new facilities greatly expand their shop area and allows Ironhorse Forge to convert the existing Third Street office space into a showroom of their remarkable work. To learn more about Ironhorse Forge visit their website: ironhorseforge.com

I had two very promising meetings with potential clients during the last week of April. Both of which I was invited to submit bids for redesigning their current websites. I hope to be able to report great news on these in the next installment of KVN Design eNews.

A bit unrelated to KVN Design, but nonetheless related to copyright and my lifelong passion for automobiles and photography, is this personal story from a few weeks ago.

In June 1998 I was in Los Angeles for a family wedding when I found myself on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for a Concours d’Elegance. Hardly an accident, of course. Many of my photographs from that event made it onto my automobile photography website, KT’s Motorsports Garage.com. On April 20 of this year I received an email from Pilgrim Films out in California asking for permission to use a photograph I took on Rodeo Drive that day in 1998 of a French Delahaye from 1939.

As it turns out Pilgrim Films produces the weekly television show “American Hot Rod” that airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday’s at ten PM. They were doing a special episode called Boyd Coddington’s Top Ten. Coddington is a modern-day master at the art of hot rod building and his favorite hot rod, called Whatthehaye, is styled after the 1939 Delahaye in my photograph.

Being the nice guy that I am I happily gave Pilgrim Films permission to use my photograph. The episode aired on April 22 and 23.

kvndesign.com - The web portfolio of KVN Design online has grown in recent days. Five more samples of my work appear as does a new Philosophy page. In order to keep the Philosophy page business-oriented I did not include my favorite Chinese proverbs (aka: fortune cookie fortunes).

Three Sites to Visit
      - Kentucky State Parks: Hit the road to a KY state park
      - City Creator: Create your own city by clicking/dragging your mouse
      - New York Public Library Digital Gallery: Over 100 years worth of images

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