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KVN Design eNews #13 - 05.22.06
It has been a busy month since the last KVN eNewsletter. Numerous web site updates, design mock-ups, an online product catalog launch, and a temporary home page went live. Also, the search for that next great client continues as a long-time hopeful drops out of the running.

Intersperse that with random email and/or internet connection outages and I began to resemble my son’s soccer team name, the Rage. As a wise man often tells me, “it’s all survivable”. And so it is.

Pediatric & Adolescent Associates (PAA): Here is a perfect example of how search engines continually change. Even though paalex.com has pertinent and timely information for pediatric health they were not getting good rankings on search engines like Google. After a handful of modifications to some basic, but important, elements of their web site paalex.com now appears on Googles first page. Not too long ago these changes would not have changed PAA’s search engine rankings nor would they have been necessary. Get a full dose of pediatric good health at paalex.com.

Lexington Hearing & Speech Center: There is always something being updated or added on this site. In May several new pages were added. There is now a Staff page that lists the Center’s staff and provides email links to them. A Board of Directors page was also added. With new pages comes the need for more new photos of the kids. These will be added this week. To learn more about LHSC visit: lhscky.org.

Fine Art of Nashville: Quick work was made of the mock-up designs presented and a temporary home page is now in place for these Nashville, IN artists. Though the temporary home went live May 15 development continues on the site structure and formatting the artwork that will be displayed and offered for sale. Check it out: fineartofnashville.com.

Doodles Delights: Everybody loves a sale so why not check-out the 26 great items for the mom-to-be, new mom and baby that are on sale now? Check it out!

Cumberland Millwork & Supply: The long-awaited launch of Cumberland Millwork’s 52 page online product catalog took place on April 29. I’d like to extend a hearty “thank you” to Robin Duffy for his superior patience and web server knowledge for helping with this project. Visit Cumberland Millwork to learn more about Cumberland Millwork’s quality interior stock and custom wood trim collections.

Other notes:

The Lexington Hearing & Speech Center continues to amaze me. The Lexington Legend’s baseball game on May 15 featured the Center as the non-profit organization of the game. The Center sold 189 tickets to the game with proceeds from the sale going back to the Center. A fine young pitching talent from the Center got to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Watch the Center’s web site for some photos from this exciting night to remember. Also, I’d like to recognize and thank KY Representative Kathy Stein (Fayette Co.) for her successful efforts in securing the inclusion of the Center in the state budget for 2007. Thank you Rep. Stein.

In pursuit of that next great client KVN Design received some bummer news. After courting a particular Lexington firm for 368 days I was informed they had decided on another web design firm. Alas, I don’t like to dwell on such news without first extracting the positive from it. Give me a jiffy.

Watch this space next month for what I hope will be the announcement of another unique client to the KVN Design family.

My duties as Co-Coach for my son’s YMCA soccer team will be taking a reluctant summer vacation as the Spring soccer season has now ended. Spending a couple of hours a week with over a dozen little free-spirited minds has a funny way of putting everyday things in a new light. Teamwork, respect for others, and good sportsmanship are the primary goals we set for our young kids and they do a great job at it. So why is it some adults have yet to learn this lesson? For instance, Enron. Two top brass from Enron were not good team players, they didn’t respect those around them, and did not exhibit good sportsmanship. And now they are in big do do.

Something Useless for the Gray Matter
    - Venetian blinds are a Japanese invention.
    - April, May, and June are the names of Donald Duck’s nieces.
    - The Levator Labii Superioris Alaque Nasi is one of the primary muscles used for smiling.

He said it:
Ed @ Auto Gallery
I just want to say that it was a pleasure working with Kevin and KVN Design. In a very short time, they were able to create an original site that not only captures our company’s personality but ROCKS in appearance and content as well. I could not be more pleased with the whole package.
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