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KVN Design eNews #3 - 07.18.05
Three months in succession, this eNews is becoming a habit. Good news though, this issue will be brief.

Graphic design and web coding work continues on all new client fronts. Much ground has been covered but there is a mountain of work still to complete. That’s a good thing.

Since last month’s issue of KVN Design eNews website mock-ups have been submitted to the Lexington Hearing & Speech Center while site and navigation coding is well underway for Performance Real Estate, Doodles Delights, and PAA.

The office here had the fragrant aroma of soothing bath soaps from Doodles Delights while product photography was carried out for their new website. My daughter enjoyed testing the softness of the blankets.

Communication continues with a number of prospective clients for future projects.

There is less news here than normal partly because last week was spent vacationing with the family in very hot and very humid Florida. In all we covered 2,300 miles in 30 hours of driving. Some of that time was spent recharging the creative juices by visiting the Tampa Bay Hotel (opened in 1891) which features some of the most unique architecture I’ve ever seen. As you can imagine, Tampa has a vast and longstanding cultural population and the architectural styles reflect this melting pot atmosphere.

If you ever make it to Tampa you must eat at the 100 year-old, family owned and operated, Columbia restaurant. I highly recommend the house 1905 Salad and Ropa Veija. Besides Tampa, driving through the tree covered mountains of Tennessee, South and North Carolina has a tendency to put little things in perspective. A portable DVD player for the kids helps, too.

Although time away from the keyboard is always welcomed I’m itching to get back in the saddle.

She said it:
Ashley @ Georgetown College Alumni Association
I am confident in saying that the GCAA website is just as interactive, informative, and creative as any other larger university site. In many cases, it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your hard work is much appreciated.
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