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KVN Design eNews #4 - 08.18.05
Big stuff has been happening at KVN Design in the past four weeks so pull up a chair and take a moment to relax and read.

On July 22 KVN secured the Cumberland Millwork & Supply website account. Located in Bronston, KY, near Somerset, the Cumberland Millwork & Supply website redesign project promises to be very challenging as the new site will be quite extensive, geared to educate their vast customer base as well as display their full line of home interior wood moldings.

The second big news of the past four weeks is the launch of the KVN-designed website for Pediatric & Adolescent Associates (PAA) that went online August 15. The new site has a distinct feature in that it uses drawings of the physicians as created by some of their patients. The site has a very informative section titled “Your Child’s Health” and is a super resource for parents.

Between landing a great client and launching a new website the “staff” here has stayed busy. Part of a day was spent at the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal with a group of young children. What a cool place! If you enjoy architecture in the Art Deco style you’ll love this renovated 1933 facility. Inside are three children’s museums and an Omnimax Theater.

Doodles Delights - Work continues on the new mommy/baby online store, preparing photos and adding products to the system. Doodles Delights has recently added numerous new items to their catalog, which is now available online.

ISBO (Independent/Small Business Owners) - I attended the August meeting which focused on being “Your Best Business Self.” Good stuff on brilliant people.

In late July I was invited to submit a bid for a massive, time-sensitive website redesign project for Boyle County, KY Tourism. Although the thought of working on such a fascinating site was very tempting I felt it was best to decline the offer in order to remain focused on the handful of wonderful clients that have believed in KVN Design.

That said, communication continues with a number of prospective clients for future projects.

Three Cool Sites to Visit
      - Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal: Time to plan a trip!
      - Bugatti Cars: One of the most storied marques in all of motorsport and luxury cars.
      - National Register of Historical Places: The national database for historical places.

She said it:
Ashley @ Georgetown College Alumni Association
I am confident in saying that the GCAA website is just as interactive, informative, and creative as any other larger university site. In many cases, it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your hard work is much appreciated.
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