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KVN Design eNews #5 - 09.21.05
It has been a memorable month since the last issue of KVN Design eNews. Anyone named Katrina has probably tried to legally change their name and file lawsuits against the folks who name tropical storms and hurricanes.

Here at KVN things have been pleasantly laid back compared to areas along the Gulf of Mexico. Laid back but not quiet. Three new clients have come on board in recent weeks. All are completely unique from existing clients which keeps things interesting and politically correct.

On August 30 KVN Design met with Custom LogoWare, a custom embroidery business that can apply your logo onto just about anything. Located in Lexington, KY Custom LogoWare makes it easy for customers to see samples of apparel and other products by bringing them to you by appointment. A new website is in the planning stages.

September 12: KVN Design’s second out-of-state project comes in the form of a first-ever website for Fine Art of Nashville. That’s Nashville, Indiana, home to a multitude of talented artisans and crafty individuals. A great taste of Americana can be found when visiting Nashville. Stay tuned for the future website to be located at fineartofnashville.com.

Any of you that know me knew it was just a matter of time before KVN Design secured an automotive website project. Let the records show that on September 14 The Auto Gallery became the first such client. Servicing Volkswagen and Audi automobiles in Lexington since 1987, The Auto Gallery is planning a site that will do more than remind owners to come in and have their VW/Audi’s oil changed. Part of the goal of the future vwaudiservice.com website will be to educate VW/Audi owners of the importance of regularly scheduled maintenance checks.

Updates on projects underway:

Doodles Delights: The many pieces of a new mommy/baby products ecommerce site are starting to take shape and come together. Could an official launch be far off? Stay tuned: http://www.formomandbaby.com

Cumberland Millwork & Supply: Website planning meetings continue to mold the shape of the new website. The Bronston, KY-based mill produces interior wood trim moldings for applications from floor to ceiling, including fireplace mantels, stairs, as well as custom molds.

Other notes:

A chance to get out and see a collection of classic, self-propelled art from around the world is always a favorite past time of mine. August 27 offered such an opportunity as it was the date of Lexington’s 2nd annual Concours d’Elegance for classic automobiles at the Keeneland Race Track. Classic automobiles from around the globe offer unique insight and history lessons about cultures past. While admiring one such classic automobile’s now-antiquated aerodynamics, the one-of-a-kind 1934 Duesenberg Mormon Meteor, with my son a newspaper photographer snapped a few shots of us and the photo appeared in the next day’s Sunday newspaper. This very Duesenberg, in 1935, was driven for 24 continuous hours on a closed course at an average of 124+mph. It set a new world record and is now valued at nearly $5 million.

Three Cool Sites to Visit
    - American Red Cross: Helping Hurricane Victims
    - The Salvation Army: Helping Hurricane Victims
    - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration: Watching Hurricane Rita

He said it:
Craig @ Pediatric and Adolescent Associates
Everyone here at PAA is very pleased with the website. It looks great and patients have commented positively on it as well. KVN Design’s creativity has provided us with a website that is fresh, unique, and easy to navigate.
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