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KVN Design eNews #6 - 10.28.05
Yes, I know, this issue of eNews is late. Two weeks, give or take a day or two.

Luckily, the delay is due to the fact things have been very busy. Many website design mock-ups have been created, reviewed, designs decided, designs being converted into html, web server space being secured, cross-platform html template testing, and an e-commerce site so close to launching I see people waiting outside the e-storefront with their credit cards handy.

Not to mention it was unanimously voted that Friday’s would now become Casual Friday here at KVN!

Real fast, here’s the rundown on the activity...

Lexington Hearing & Speech Center: I met with the Board of Directors on October 10 to update them on progress for their new website. A site design has been selected and it’s conversion into an html template is nearing completion. I’m very excited to be working on this project for the Center. Visit the Center online to learn more about how they have been helping individuals in the Bluegrass hear and learn to speak for over 40 years.

Doodles Delights: I was hoping to announce the launch of this new site in this issue of eNews. E-commerce is a tricky and complicated arrangement. So many more pieces have to be in place before one can open the virtual front doors to let in the online shoppers. To be one of the first to place your online order for mommy-to-be, new mommy and newborn gifts you may want to go on and bookmark formomandbaby.com now.

Cumberland Millwork & Supply: Website designs were created, designs were presented. And there was a winner, and a half. Huh? An element from one design was liked so much it has been added, and to much success I might add, to the overall winning design. Kudos to Cumberland Millwork for piecing together the winning look. The design is in the html template testing phase and being scrutinized on eight different platform/browser combinations for a consistent look and experience for all future visitors in need of quality interior millwork.

Auto Gallery: Here’s another project where the throttle has been opened up. Designs have not only been created, presented and decided upon but the site may be live by the time you read this! This website is an integral part of Auto Gallery’s new marketing push which begins...well, now. Check it out at vwaudiservice.com. If it isn’t live yet when you go check back in ten minutes.

The past five to six weeks has also seen a nice influx of requests for redesign or site maintenance quotes. But I must share one story. I was asked to submit a bid on a small, local site and the site owner had a specific list of nine “fixes” to be performed. I was very responsive but before I even got my bid in I received an email from the site owner saying another person had been found who was "less expensive" than me. Go figure.

Three Cool Sites to Visit
    - The History Channel: The history of Halloween
    - Volcanoes: What are they and what makes them tick
    - Superconductivity Technology Center: From the Los Alamos National Laboratory

He said it:
Craig @ Pediatric and Adolescent Associates
Everyone here at PAA is very pleased with the website. It looks great and patients have commented positively on it as well. KVN Design’s creativity has provided us with a website that is fresh, unique, and easy to navigate.
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