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KVN Design eNews #7 - 11.17.05
Hot on the heels of last month’s delayed release of Issue #6 comes the highly anticipated big news... the launch of two new sites!

Auto Gallery: As was mentioned in Issue #6, if the new site for Auto Gallery was not live when you read about it last month then wait ten minutes and check back. Well, 20 minutes after sending out #6, Auto Gallery’s new site, vwaudiservice.com, was officially launched to join in with their other marketing efforts. Now the VW/Audi service specialists have a sleek new website that will be loaded with great VW/Audi car care service information. The best alternative to expensive dealer service.

Doodles Delights: Last month I was disappointed not to be able to inform you that Doodles Delights’ new website, formomandbaby.com, had launched. At 3:10 pm on November 15 the new e-commerce website finally opened it’s virtual doors to the awaiting public. Now you can securely buy all the gifts your heart desires for the expectant mother, the new mom, and the new arrival. Everything from soothing teas, lotions, soaps and candles, to receiving blankets, travel blankets, blankets that come with their own plush stuffed animals, and more, can be purchased from formomandbaby.com.

Cumberland Millwork & Supply: HTML development and testing continue on this substantial project. Scripting for the navigation and master template pages have been completed and tested successfully. The Bronston, KY-based interior millwork company has big plans for their new website that will educate their vast customer base as well as display their full line of home interior wood moldings.

Lexington Hearing & Speech Center: What was once a roadblock to serious development of this important website redesign project, access to the web server, has been cleared. Like loosing your ATM pin number, the access information needed to access the web server where the LHSC website resides had been lost. No log-in information means no access to the server. No access means no new website. Luckily, the previous web designer for the Center, Trish Freeman, was able to locate all the information necessary from her 2002 files. With this information, and photos culled by Bill Straus, the Center’s new website is starting to pull together quite nicely.

Pediatric & Adolescent Associates (PAA): The practice welcomes a new pediatrician to the family starting on Monday, November 21, as Dr. Brian Gillispie takes over the vacancy of Dr. Shawn Taylor, who left PAA after 16 years to start an international adoption clinic. Monthly updates to paalex.com insure their is always something new and important to read.

Have a filling, relaxing and safe Thanksgiving. Unless you’re a turkey.

Three Cool Sites to Visit
    - Penguin Batting: PETA isn’t going to like this. My record is 293.3 (tip: click on the rock).
    - Madagascar Wildlife Conservation: To help make up for the previous link
    - The History of Thanksgiving: From the History Channel

She said it:
Ashley @ Georgetown College Alumni Association
I am confident in saying that the GCAA website is just as interactive, informative, and creative as any other larger university site. In many cases, it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your hard work is much appreciated.
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