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KVN Design eNews #8 - 12.19.05
For the typical American the month of December is six weeks of work crammed into three before the holidays arrive. Let it be known I am the typical American in this respect. Ho Ho Oh.

Here is a quick review of the last four weeks at KVN Design: loads of site updates, 3 site launches, 2 new clients, and elected to 1 Board of Directors.

Lexington Hearing & Speech Center: Another proud moment for KVN Design was the long-awaited launch of the new site for Lexington's premier hearing center on December 11. Initial feedback has been very positive. Thanks to Bill Straus for supplying the great archive of photographs. Of which more will be added in the upcoming weeks. To learn more about the LHSC and to see their new virtual home visit: Lexington Hearing & Speech Center. Donations are always welcome.

Cumberland Millwork & Supply: Though not a complete site launch, the new-look Cumberland Millwork site is representative of what the final project will look like. The new design visually highlights Cumberland Millworks' quality craftsmanship through photos of homes using their woodwork. You may view the new website design by paying Cumberland Millwork a visit @ Cumberland Millwork & Supply.

Millennium Capital Associates, LLC.: Here is a project that went from initial phone call to new site launch in a mere 32 days. The new web site launched on December 16, just three weeks after the initial meeting. Millennium Capital Associates is a private real estate investment banking and financial consultant services firm in Lexington. Millennium was referred to KVN Design by Charlotte Caldwell of Wide Eyed E-Media, a local web hosting company. You may view the new online home of Millennium Capital by visiting: Millennium Capital Associates, LLC..

Auto Gallery: Less than six weeks after launching the first-ever site for the VW and Audi-based Auto Gallery updates and additions have been made to enhance the content for their targeted automobile owners. If you watch the Weather Channel for Lexington weather updates you may catch part of Auto Gallery’s new marketing push. Take a spin: Auto Gallery.

AVID: The second of two new clients for KVN Design since the last eNews in November. AVID is a custom designer and installer of high-end home audio and video systems. AVID are members of the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association and are located in Lexington. They are in the process of moving to a new showroom near the Meijers on Reynolds Road. This project will be for a new website design. AVID represents another exciting and unique business venture for KVN.

Doodles Delights: A new index page was created to highlight the nine different brands carried by the online mother-to-be, new mom, and new baby shop. Check it out for the holidays: formomandbaby.com.

Other notes:

The Board of Directors of the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center informed me earlier this month that I had been elected to join them on the Board. After asking a series of probing questions I happily accepted the election result and look forward to my two year term on the Board. The Board is made up of a number of prominent local community and business leaders. And now me.

Kids make life more interesting by breaking up any kind of lull your life may have. For example, the family and I went to a neighborhood Christmas Party recently and I don’t think we were there five minutes when my son had blood streaming out of the back of his head. Luckily, the question “Is there a doctor in the house?” could not have come with a more soothing answer as, yes, there was. And not just any doctor. It was Dr. Bush from PAA (Pediatric and Adolescent Associates, a client of KVN Design and the pediatric practice of choice for the kids of KVN)! With my son in good hands I went on to score a set of Star Wars PEZ Dispensers for him at the gift exchange.

Cool Site to Visit
    - NORAD Tracks Santa 2005: Track Santa on Christmas Eve as he makes his way around the world delivering joy to all those who believe.

++ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Everyone at KVN Design ++

She said it:
Ashley @ Georgetown College Alumni Association
I am confident in saying that the GCAA website is just as interactive, informative, and creative as any other larger university site. In many cases, it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your hard work is much appreciated.
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