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So you can’t get enough news about KVN Design just by reading the text on this site and you want to learn more? You’re one sick puppy. But that’s OK. I happen to really like dogs.

Obviously, there is no fee for receiving KVN Design eNews. Could you just imagine the outcry from the industry if I did? That thought alone may keep me awake at night. But, there is a nominal fee to be removed from the KVN Design eNews circulation. Wow, you should have seen the look on your face when you read that last line. Seriously, there is NO fee at all associated with the KVN Design eNews. It’s free. So go ahead and say “sweet” (or whatever the kids are saying these days) and sign yourself up.


By signing up to receive the KVN Design eNews you are voluntarily requesting to be added to a private, non-shared list to receive periodic email updates from KVN Design and relating to KVN Design. Your email address will not be sold, enslaved to some scruple-less scoundrel, or rented to the evil Empire.

To have your name and email address removed from the KVN Design email update list send an email saying “please remove.” Or something similar. And no, there is not a fee associated with being removed. It’ll just be your loss.

He said it:
Reed @ The Greatest Game.com
We have received many compliments on the site. It’s content, creativity and ease of use. I look forward to working with you again.
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