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About KVN Design
KVN Design offers web site planning, development, and design for responsible businesses and organizations that perform or provide admirable products or services for the communities they reach.

How it all began
I like to think that I inherited my creative abilities from my parents. I could have ended up a psychology major were it not for them. My mother is an accomplished artist and my father introduced me to photography when he bought me my first camera when I was 9. I can’t paint worth a lick but I’m pretty decent with my Canons.

So, how did I end up here? In the summer of 1988, I took my first office job at an ad agency (Hughes Media) in Lexington, KY. And man, I was diggin’ it. Those creative people were having fun. I promptly changed my major from Business to Advertising and never looked back. I had found my calling.

Now that my head was screwed on straight, I joined the local ad club and began working for the oh-so-talented Saybrook Advertising Agency. An ADDY, a handful of First Place awards, and Citations of Excellence came my way in 1993. Not too bad for an ad student.

After 4 years of agency life, interwoven with 3 years of ad club, and earning that college degree, I spent some time working in-house as a graphic designer for an arts and crafts paint manufacturer. I then took a position with The J. Peterman Company as a graphic designer for a couple of years. I was learning so much from some of the best creatives in the business, I should have been paying them tuition.

Print design is how it started but, in 1997 I created my first web site and this lead to a job with an equine publisher with their new web team. After 2 years of building and maintaining web sites and creating graphics for an array of top-notch equine interests, I accepted a job with Host Communications, a regional player in collegiate sports marketing. Task number 1, their new equine web account, Breeders’ Cup.

My experience with Breeders’ Cup taught me how to manage a high-intensity client with dual roles as Web Architect and Project Manager. My tenure with Host Communications was highlighted by getting to really know the clients, their businesses, their history, and helping them surpass their online goals.

The next 3 orbits around the sun were spent as the in-house Webmaster for an international home electronics firm. Every aspect of the corporate web site was my domain. I was a one person web team.

There you have it, a brief of how I got from there to here. Each new role brought many challenges and experiences, all of which have lead to the formation of KVN Design. Should you want to know more shoot me an email. Actually, shoot me an email if there is something KVN Design can do for you or your business.

He said it:
Chris @ Ironhorse Forge
It looks really great, I’m excited to see it coming together, it has evolved much as I had anticipated it would (and I know it doesn’t happen overnight). So, it’s looking good and we are getting the site we wanted originally and to me that’s what’s important. I appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in and I think that the final product will be a great reflection of your expertise.
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