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philosophy / research. plan. design. create happiness.
KVN Design doesn’t actually manufacture happiness. Happiness is the bi-product of doing great web design work for our clients. KVN Design is a web site design, architecture, and services firm. That’s the fancy way to say KVN Design designs and builds web sites and offers other web services. All of which follow the philosophy that targeted research, thorough planning, intelligent, user-based site design will create happiness for you. That’s what this is really about, isn’t it?

This important step allows KVN to learn about your business, target audience, customers, competition, and affiliations. This information may be received from employee interviews, on-site visits to your business, to the competition, speaking with target audience, customers, surveys, online, or a strategic mix.
The research results along with your own wants/needs will help guide the direction taken with your new web site and helps form the underlying direction of the creative work. The structure, navigation, and flow of the new web site now begins to take shape.
The creative process has been working this whole time but now it is turned loose. The words and flow charts of planning become visual elements that soon become your new, targeted, online approach to reaching and supplying information to potential customers.
create happiness.
KVN Design believes that if the homework has been completed properly, from initial meeting to launch, you, the client, will be happy. That’s not the goal, it is the only outcome that is acceptable.

He said it:
Reed @ The Greatest Game.com
Your ability to stay on schedule, yet be responsive to impromptu ideas, was key to our finishing on time.
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