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your privacy & KVN Design
KVN Design wants you to know any information you purposely share (in an email, for example) and inadvertently share (through your web browser) is safe and will not be shared, sold, rented, leased, or posted for public viewing with other individuals, organizations, or the online community.

KVN Privacy Policy

  • Through web site statistical analysis KVN Design retrieves general, non-personal information provided by users of kvndesign.com as they browse this web site. This is private information for KVN Design only.
  • Anyone visiting kvndesign.com may voluntarily request to be added to a private, non-shared list to receive periodic email updates from KVN Design and relating to KVN Design.
  • He said it:
    Reed @ The Greatest Game.com
    We have received many compliments on the site. It’s content, creativity and ease of use. I look forward to working with you again.
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