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KVN Design eNews Archives
Postings of the news that is news for KVN Design will be posted here. Issues of KVN Design eNews will be released via email.

KVN Design eNews #13 - 05.22.06
Numerous web site updates, design mock-ups, an online product catalog launch, and a temporary home page went live. Also, the search for that next great client continues as a long-time hopeful drops out of the running, plus a trio of niggling nuggets of nonesense. MORE

KVN Design eNews #12 - 04.21.06
Mock-ups for Fine Art of Nashville, updates for Lexington Hearing & Speech Center, Doodles Delights, Pediatric & Adolescent Associates. Plus, an interview for a medical device marketing article, 5K Derby Dash, and a trio of niggling nuggets of nonesense. MORE

KVN Design eNews #11 - 03.20.06
New AVID website launches, many client site updates, LHSC Board Meeting, hello Spring, a little something for everyone, plus little nuggets of information you never knew you wanted to know. MORE

KVN Design eNews #10 - 02.24.06
Head-down and full speed ahead here comes Issue #10! Time for a Coke and a milestone. Work continues on many client fronts: Lexington Hearing & Speech Center, AVID, Ironhorse Forge, and Cumberland Millwork. Check out the Other Notes and the fuel for the Gray Matter. MORE

KVN Design eNews #9 - 01.23.06
Updates, updates, updates and a some dandy new site design work. Plenty of important notes and some information you’ll be amazed you never knew. MORE

KVN Design eNews #8 - 12.19.05
Here is a quick review of the last four weeks at KVN Design: loads of site updates, 3 site launches, 2 new clients, and elected to 1 Board of Directors. Ho Ho Oh! Plus the only website that matters for those who believe. MORE

KVN Design eNews #7 - 11.17.05
Two much-anticipated new website launches in three weeks for Doodles Delights and Auto Gallery, plus more coding, testing, and a server delay rectified. Plus three cool sites to visit. Is this a great enewsletter or what? MORE

KVN Design eNews #6 - 10.28.05
Many website design mock-ups have been created, reviewed, designs being converted into html, cross-platform html testing, and an e-commerce site so close to launching I see people waiting outside the e-storefront with their credit cards handy, and three cool sites to visit. MORE

KVN Design eNews #5 - 09.21.05
Three new clients, progress continues on Doodles Delights and Cumberland Millwork, self-propelled art from around the world, and three cool sites to visit. MORE

KVN Design eNews #4 - 08.18.05
Big stuff! New client, launched a website, Art Deco architecture, three cool sites to visit. MORE

KVN Design eNews #3 - 07.18.05
Progress on new client websites, product photography, and how to rejuvinate your creative juices while on a family vacation. MORE, but not much.

KVN Design eNews #2 - 06.17.05
A busy month lands KVN three new clients, KVN Design.com updates, another automobile photo request, three cool sites to visit. MORE

KVN Design eNews #1 - 05.13.05
New client announced, meeting news, Ironhorse Forge expands, personal copyright story, KVN Design.com updates, three sites to visit. MORE

She said it:
Ashley @ Georgetown College Alumni Association
I am confident in saying that the GCAA website is just as interactive, informative, and creative as any other larger university site. In many cases, it stands head and shoulders above the rest. Your hard work is much appreciated.
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